Flavor Profiles




We recommend keeping a napkin on hand in case you drool over these dessert e-juice descriptions. It can be hard to turn down a freshly baked piece of apple cobbler or a huge scoop of bananas foster...so we turned these tempting treats into delicious dessert e-liquids that you can vape all day long without feeling an ounce of guilt! Creamy chocolates, syrup-soaked stacks of waffles, cinnamon rolls and rich desserts are here!




Candy is more than just a childhood fantasy, it's a food that can calm moods, bolster friendships, create joy and we all have used it for those purposes. Now try it in your vape! These candy e-liquids are best if you have a sweet tooth for delicious candy favorites such as Gummy Bears or Candy Canes. Reflect on a past time period when life was simple... like fluffy clouds, toys, lollipops, puppies and rainbows.


Whether it's a lemonade on a summer day, a glass of eggnog on Christmas morning, or a cup of coffee on a foggy morning... beverages have the ability to evoke emotions that seem to be inexorably tied to the taste. Go ahead and browse our selection of teas, sodas, coffee, and spirits. This is a good place to find an awesome all-day vape juice, and you'll surely find something that strikes a chord within you.  




At LiquidDrip, we have many different types of e-liquids, but fruit flavors are some of our personal favorites and best sellers. If you like your vape juice ripe and extra sweet, check out our bolder flavors such as mango, raspberry and other distinctive tastes that make a great, refreshing experience. We also offer more subtle fruits such as coconut, pear and cantaloupe for a great all day vape that won’t overpower your senses. 



Cereal & Milk

There is nothing better than the taste of your favorite breakfast cereal, anytime of the day!  With all of the eLiquid brands available today, you might have a hard time making a decision.  All of your favorites are here including Lucky Charm, Choo Choo Crunch, Trickz, Kaptain Peanut Butter Krunch, Froopz, MilkenBerry, Toucan Slam, Fruit O's, and more. Re-discover your youth with a sugary bowl of cereal!


Sometimes it's easier to let someone else make the decision for you! Even easier if the person you're trusting is an expert! So if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or you are open to trying something new, then take some time to check out the staff picks. These are the juices that the trusted employees at LiquidDrip have vouched for, so you can't go wrong here... even if you're just throwing darts at this list.



Tobacco & Menthol

Some of us were more likely to give up a lung before cutting out that "after" smoke. The good news is, with tobacco flavored e-liquids, you don't have smoke to get that great tobacco taste. They've sought to preserve that ideal balance between flavor, throat hit and vapor production, that so many of us crave. So, whether you are seeking the camaraderie or to replace your old brand, we have a tobacco juice that's sure to satisfy.



Custards & Yogurts

Looking for your favorite strawberry or banana cream yogurt flavor?  Perhaps something more simple like vanilla?  We definitely have the yogurt flavored eLiquid vaping flavor you are looking for.  Take a look as some of our more exotic flavors such as mango Greek yogurt or strappleberry, which is a blended combination of strawberries and apples. For an all-day vape, look here first!


If you are loyal to a brand, let's go check out their selection by going back to the list of brands we carry.