Broadside Admiral Mechanical Tube Mod


Broadside Admiral Mechanical Tube Mod


Broadside Admiral Mech Tube Mod (20700 with 18650 Delrin Adapter) 

Admiral Mechanical Tube Mod By Broadside Mods is the newest 20700 release with unprecedented performance and aesthetics in an all-in-one package.

Brand Recognition:

Broadside Mods is manufactured by BJ Box Mods from Maryland. Broadside Mods were designed to produce reliable, powerful and the safest mechanical mods. Broadside comes in Copper, Brass and Aluminum but also have limited Titanium releases. The broadside mechanical tube mod comes with a mechanical button with 3 points of contact eliminating springs or magnets. Designed with safety in mind, all vent holes are directed downward away from the user.  Unlike other mods, the Broadside offers a separately sold stacking section that includes an extension with a disc contact allowing you to use two 18650 batteries. 

Battery Safety:

  • Understand Amperage Limit. DO NOT strain battery
  • Replace batteries with torn wraps
  • Keep batteries in approved casing
  • Keep your charger in sight
  • Buy Batteries from Trusted Source
  • DO NOT use Damaged Batteries
  • DO NOT Leave batteries in car
  • DO NOT keep batteries in your pocket with lose change or keys
  • DO NOT allow battery to come in contact with water


  • Admiral Mod (Copper or Brass)
  • 20700 Mod
  • 25mm Diameter
  • Delrin Lined Tube: Decreases shorts from the damage battery wraps (ONLY WITH 18650, NOT Delrin Lined with 20700)
  • No Spring or Magnets: Helps reduce hot button and misfires
  • Vent Holes venting downward
  • NOT compatible with Broadside Stack Section
  • Single 20700 High AMP Battery (Not Included)
    • 4.2V
    • 30A continuous
    • 3000mah
  • Comes with 18650 adaptor
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